Please call 911 if this is an emergency
Before your Appointment: The front desk will email you a telemedicine consent form to complete if we do not have one available on file. Please complete these forms and email back stating you consent to the telemedicine appointment. The office will reach out to you to collect co-pay prior to the appointment. Please note that some insurances require the first initial visit to the practice to be in person, and may require Cash Pay price for televisit.  For any questions or issues, please call our office at (602) 805-4914 during business hours. Or, you can email [email protected].
For new patients only: the front office will email you a new patient registration and consent form that must be completed prior to your visit. If not completed prior to your scheduled visit, the appointment will be delayed or potentially canceled.

During Appointment: 5 minutes prior to your appointment time, click on the telemedicine link (ex:, it will put you in a virtual waiting room: please wait at your appointment time, and when the provider admits your to the room, the session will start. if you log out and miss your provider, you may have to reschedule or be charged a no-show fee if not present for the appointment time as we do only block ONE patient each visit time for you. Please call the office at (602) 805-4914 if you are having technical difficulties.

During your session, we may ask for current weight and temperature, as well as other vital measurements prior to your appointment. Otherwise please have this information and any pharmacy or medical history updates readily available when you connect with the providers during your appointment. Please ensure you are in a well-lit room, and that you have logged in a few minutes before your appointment time to test the audio and video. Please do not call from a moving vehicle, nor set an appointment time where children/pets/guests may interrupt your appointment.

For any questions, you can call us directly at (602) 805-4914

Whether you’re suffering from an injury or illness, we’ve got you covered.


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